Wisper Electric Bike vs. Kootenay Pass and a Bear

When we found out that the Kootenay Pass was the highest in Canada (operating year-round), we thought that sounded like a good ride.?? So off Stephanie went, to take in the views and wildlife ???


Hoped you liked the video.?? Next we’re off over the pass to Cranbrook and on up to Banff, Edmonton and Calgary.

Voltage Bikes Road Trip

We’ve opened an ‘office’ up in Penticton, with a photo of Steph hard at work below.  You’ve gotta love mobile internet!  Next we’re onto Osoyoos, Grand Forks, Rossland and Nelson.  Let us know if you’re in the area and would like a test ride.


Summer Hope and Ebike Batteries

We’ve now been through Vancouver and are heading on east up the Fraser River valley.  There are now a number of new Wisper dealers along the way (check out the dealers page on our website), with more in the pipeline!

Here’s a link to an interesting article on why large capacity batteries are better value, for you and the planet!


The long and the short of it is that a large capacity battery will last much longer than a smaller capacity battery (by a factor larger than the difference in capacity).  For example, a 40% bigger capacity battery will actually last more than 40% longer.  One way of measuring a battery life is by the total kilometres travelled (or total number of discharges).  Not only will you go further per charge with a big battery, the battery will also be ‘working’ less than a smaller battery, which means it will achieve more total discharges.  Our Wisper 37V 14Ah batteries are some of the biggest on the market.

Well it’s the first official day of summer today … yeah right!  This picture is of Mike enjoying the summer weather next to the Fraser River in the aptly-named town of Hope.


Wisper Electric Bike – Hill Test

Ever wondered how far an ebike will take you up a really big hill?

??We achieved 1,300m (~4,300ft) on a single battery charge!?? This was on maximum power setting … we would have got even further on a lower pedal assist setting.?? The average speed up the hill was well over 20kph!?? Even though we were grinding up and down a hill, the total ride distance was still 43km.

This is why ebikes are so great … you can tackle terrain you wouldn’t othwerise … ride up monster hills without being an elite athlete!?? I chatted to one of the cyclists training up Mt Cypress and he was very impressed with the ebike.????He had a power sensor on his bike and was generating 350W as he rode up.?? So there you go … you get the equivalent of a pair of elite cyclist legs helping you up the hills!

Want to ride one of these??? Check out www.voltagebikes.ca ????

Wisper Heads From Campbell River Across to Sunshine Coast

So the advertising works!  The Voltage Bikes caravan (of the Dodge variety) was cruising through Campbell River when … we were spotted by Margo … who happens to be one of the owners of Spokes bike store.  A long story short, Spokes are now the Wisper dealer for the Campbell River area!  Visit Margo and Rob for your bikes or ebikes.  These guys have been serving the area for over two decades so know their stuff!

We’re enjoying the sunshine (at last!) here on the coast.  In the next couple of days we’ll be heading to Vancouver via Whistler and Squamish.  Keep an eye out for the rolling roadshow …


New Wisper Bike Dealer in Courtenay

We’re pleased to announce that A/C Logic – Electric Transportation will be stocking Wisper electric bikes.  A/C Logic is located in Courtenay at the heart of the beautiful Comox Valley.  Charles is your man for ebike knowledge.

We are currently in Campbell River and intend to head across to the mainland and the Sunshine Coast in the next couple of days.

Wisper Bikes in Ucluelet and Tofino

We???ve spent the last couple of days on the spectacular west coast of Vancouver Island in Tofino and Ucluelet.?? Apart from the amazing scenery, we???ve seen loads of wildlife including eagles, racoons and Mike???s first bear encounter!?? This is a really special part of Canada.

??We chatted to a lot of people who loved the Wisper bike, especially after a test ride!?? If you???re in the area, check out Ukee Bikes in Ucluelet and chat to Francois and Mo.?? These guys are real bike enthusiasts with a great little shop serving the area.

Next its back to Nanaimo, on up the east coast of Vancouver Island, and across to the Sunshine Coast …

Check out our highly professional promotional video (ha ha) ???




Electric Bike Tour Reaches Saltspring Island

We are now on the beautiful Saltspring Island ??? the perfect place for an ebike.?? We???ve already generated a fair bit of interest riding the bike around this this enviro-conscious community.???? With lots of hills and limited distances, it???s ideal for an ebike.?? Check out this link showing a short ride we did on the bike from the ferry terminal at Fulford into the main town Ganges ??? 14km in under half an hour, hills and all!

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/35696195?? (click the button top right to change from miles to kilometres in the viewer)



New Wisper Electric Bike Dealer in Victoria, BC

We’ve just left Victoria …a great place for biking with multiple bike paths and lanes including the Galloping Goose/Peninsula Trail; linking Sooke to Swartz Bay ferry terminal…over 100km of bike trail!

The annual Bike to Work Week finished this week … a big event here on the Island, with bikes everywhere, great to see!

We are pleased to announce that Oak Bay Bicycles have become the first Canadian Wisper dealer! See the super friendly/knowledgeable staff at Oak Bay Bicycles (Victoria and Langford locations) for your Wisper ebike.


Introducing Voltage Bikes Ltd

Voltage Bikes is proud to introduce the quality UK-designed Wisper range of electric bicycles to Canada.?? We will be touring across Canada this summer setting up a dealer network for our electric bikes.?? We will keep this blog up to date with our current location and other bits of ebike news.?? If we are somewhere near you, give us a call to arrange a test ride.



We are your electric bike people!


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1-250-509-1686 (from outside Canada)