Wisper Electric Bike – Hill Test

Ever wondered how far an ebike will take you up a really big hill?

??We achieved 1,300m (~4,300ft) on a single battery charge!?? This was on maximum power setting … we would have got even further on a lower pedal assist setting.?? The average speed up the hill was well over 20kph!?? Even though we were grinding up and down a hill, the total ride distance was still 43km.

This is why ebikes are so great … you can tackle terrain you wouldn’t othwerise … ride up monster hills without being an elite athlete!?? I chatted to one of the cyclists training up Mt Cypress and he was very impressed with the ebike.????He had a power sensor on his bike and was generating 350W as he rode up.?? So there you go … you get the equivalent of a pair of elite cyclist legs helping you up the hills!

Want to ride one of these??? Check out www.voltagebikes.ca ????

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