Wisper Electric Bikes in London at the Western Fair

Wisper electric bikes are now available at E-ride London.  Their store is conveniently located right in the heart of downtown London.  Go and chat to Matt or Gina for a test ride!

E-Ride will also be at London’s 135th annual Western Fair which is being held from September 10-19.  The fair is a huge event and one of Canada’s largest.  E-ride will be exhibiting with a group of eco-minded businesses.  So do your bit for the planet and go visit them as you wander around the fair …



DaaHub – New Wisper Conversion Kit Launched!

DaaHub – the new Wisper conversion kit is officially being launched at Eurobike at the end of the month:


Voltage bikes will be launching the kit into Canada in September.  More info to follow!

Wisper Live on the Radio – Markham

On Saturday 21 August, we will be at the New World Wheels store in Markham as part of the store’s “It’s a Whole New World’ event.  From 1pm to 5pm, Vinyl 95.3 radio station will be broadcasting live from the store.  There will be giveaways, a bbq and of course … lots of great electric bikes to test ride.  We will be there to answer any questions about Wisper electric bikes. Come down and join in the fun!

NEW WORLD WHEELS INC, 8362 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON

A Perspective on Electric Bikes

Electric bikes seem to generate a wide range of, sometimes quite passionate, opinions.  We’ve certainly encountered the full spectrum of thoughts as we’ve travelled across Canada this summer.  However, almost without exception, once people actually ride the bike, there aren’t too many negative comments.  Check out this article where some hard-core bikers rode an ebike for a few weeks (the easiest way to read it is to click on the ‘fullscreen’ button) …