New Pedego Electric Bikes Revealed at Interbike

Pedego has added two exciting new models to its range of electric bikes, and further developed the comfort cruiser series.  Both the ‘City Commuter’ and ‘Electric Trike’ series were revealed at the recent Interbike show in Las Vegas.  In addition, a 24” version of the popular Comfort Cruiser bike was introduced to cater to smaller riders.


As expected from Pedego (where style ‘rules’!), the City Commuter is a really classy looking bike!  I rode the bike on the indoor test track at the Vegas show, and while there no hills to really put it through its paces, the bike felt excellent!  The bikes will be in production by the end of the year and will come with powerful 500W geared motors … so no shortage of power!  The bikes will have both independent throttle (as per the Pedego Comfort Cruisers) and a pedal assist system.  With a retail price of just under $2,000, it looks like Pedego is continuing with its philosophy of providing top quality bikes at a great price.


Finally an electric trike that looks great and works!  Pedego have spent a couple of years perfecting this bike, and it shows!  One of the key problems for trikes is stability, or lack thereof.  After having ridden this bike at speed on the test track at Vegas, I can vouch for its stability relative to all other trikes I have tried.  The 36V 10Ah battery is housed in the cargo compartment behind the seat, along with ample space for your shopping.  The bike is powered by a 350W geared motor with a good amount of power for getting up the hills.  The stability of the bike is due to a rear drive differential and the 20” wheels.  The bike is just narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway.  It looks like a great product that will satisfy the demand out there for a good quality trike.


The response to the Pedego bikes at the show was great and its easy to see why they are the number two best-selling electric bike in the States.  Check out the dealer page on our website to find the nearest dealer to you in Canada.  If there isn’t a dealer near you, we will ship you a bike free of charge.