Voltage Bikes Ltd is a BC-based company established in January 2010.  We have the exclusive Canadian distribution rights for the excellent Pedego brand of electric bikes from California. We are currently establishing a network of dealers across the country where you will be able to go into the store to view, ride and purchase our bikes.

However, if you don’t have a dealer close to you and would like a bike, we will ship you a bike free of charge!

Voltage Bikes comprises the husband and wife team of Mike and Stephanie.  We are both passionate about cycling in general, and ebikes in particular.  Our mission is to get people out of cars and onto bikes, making this healthy lifestyle choice available to everyone.

Cycling is great for you and the planet!  Riding a bike is such a wonderful way to move through the world, whether it’s your daily commute or a cruise through the countryside.  We also love the philoso

Although we are only recently established, we are in this for the long haul (as are Pedego!).  Electric bicycles are something we really believe in.  The technology is evolving at a high rate, and Pedego are at the leading edge of development.  There are some pretty exciting products in the pipeline!phy of using a bike as a vehicle.  Throw some pannier bags or a trailer on the back, and haul your groceries home!  An electric bike won’t stay forgotten in the garage … once you’ve ridden one, you’ll understand why!  An ebike encourages even the fittest cyclist to ride more … its just more fun!

Our core values are quality and customer service.  We stand by our warranties and are always contactable if you have a question about your bike.   We are here to encourage and support you!

If you need more information on our bikes, or would just like to chat about ebikes in general, call us on 1-888-777-2066 (toll-free).

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