Wisper Dealer on Prince Edward Island

Wisper bikes are now available at what is officially our most easterly dealer … MacQueen’s Bike Shop on beautiful Prince Edward Island.  The store has been in business for over 30 years.  Get down and take a Wisper for a test ride!

MacQueen’s Bike Shop

430 Queen Street

Charlottetown, PE




Wisper Winter Test-Pilot in Edmonton

I just came across a great video of one of our customers riding his Wisper 905SE City S bike in Edmonton.  Awesome to see a minor detail like -30deg temperature doesn’t stop a good ride!  Just for the record, he got the bike from our Edmonton dealer  www.redbike.ca




Wisper Electric Bikes at Montreal Expocycle 2010

The annual Expocycle in Montreal was a chance for dealers to see the latest and greatest in the bike world.  The electric bike ‘presence’ at the show has grown significantly from last year and looks set to do so even further next year.  At the Eurobike show in Germany earlier this month there were about 150 electric bike brands on show (double from the previous year) … yep, 150!!  This is a reflection of the industry recognising that ebikes are here to stay and now form a serious portion of the market.  For example, in the Netherlands this year, over 30% of total bike sales were electric bikes.  Canada is a very early market, and may not reach this level, but electric bikes are coming!

The response to the Wisper bikes at the Expo was excellent and we will be adding to our dealer page over the next few weeks as a result.  In particular, the store owners (and our customers!) appreciate being able to buy a high quality product for a reasonable price.  Our 2 year warranty on batteries and motors is a big point of difference between Wisper and other brands.  There is a lot to choose from out there, and a large variety of quality.  Always check the warranties and service back-up before purchasing a bike!

There was a demo track at the show, although most of it was designed for off-road bikes.  Check out the video of a Wisper folding bike being put through its paces (at the bottom of the post)…




DaaHub – New Wisper Conversion Kit Launched!

DaaHub – the new Wisper conversion kit is officially being launched at Eurobike at the end of the month:


Voltage bikes will be launching the kit into Canada in September.  More info to follow!

A Perspective on Electric Bikes

Electric bikes seem to generate a wide range of, sometimes quite passionate, opinions.  We’ve certainly encountered the full spectrum of thoughts as we’ve travelled across Canada this summer.  However, almost without exception, once people actually ride the bike, there aren’t too many negative comments.  Check out this article where some hard-core bikers rode an ebike for a few weeks (the easiest way to read it is to click on the ‘fullscreen’ button) …


New Wisper Electric Bike Dealer in Canada’s Capital

The home of poutine, the Senators, one or two politicians and now ??? a Wisper Electric Bike dealer.?? Ken and crew at Cycle Power are super customer focussed and will go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy.?? ????Drop in for a chat or check out their website at www.cyclepower.ca ??With miles of waterfront pathways, Ottawa is perfect for cycling and ebikes.?? Go and test ride a Wisper at Cycle Power!


Over the next week or so we will be heading to Toronto and then on down to the London area.