Pizza Delivery on Electric Bikes!

One of our main philosophies is getting people out of cars and on to bikes … using bikes more as a vehicle rather than a ‘toy’.  Here’s a great example of this from the UK!  Check out the ‘Delivery with a Difference’ video by scrolling down the page to ‘All Videos’ … 

 Delivery with a difference

2011 Wisper Electric Bike Range Has Arrived!

The 2011 Wisper electric bikes are now in the country!!  The core of the 2011 ebikes is the same, with the 350W Japanese motor and high quality purpose-built frame. However, there are a number of great upgrades including:

·         new 15.5Ah batteries on the 705 and 905 bikes (a 10% increase in capacity);

·         6 levels of pedal assist, including a ‘zero’ level;

·         a new manifold-style front connection box;

·         front and rear lights switchable from the pedal assist panel;

·         1.75″ kevlar reinforced electric-bike specific tire;

·         a re-designed dropout; and

·         a new chain guard and crank spider.

Best of all, the prices have dropped slightly from the 2010 prices!!

Check the bikes out at


Wisper Dealer on Prince Edward Island

Wisper bikes are now available at what is officially our most easterly dealer … MacQueen’s Bike Shop on beautiful Prince Edward Island.  The store has been in business for over 30 years.  Get down and take a Wisper for a test ride!

MacQueen’s Bike Shop

430 Queen Street

Charlottetown, PE